How many times have you been at your wits’ end over something or someone, had a million conversations in your mind (careful: this leads to overthinking which is dangerous) about what could/should be, and were generally upset, only to then have just a simple coversation about it and instantly feel better?

It’s called communication, and it’s vital to everything we do.

Not a whole lot of good comes from just bottling your concerns up and never letting them be known or heard. To me, the fastest and best way to solve an issue is through it, not around it. TALK IT OUT! How can anything be corrected if the problem isn’t known in the first place? It can’t and won’t. Some people take it as negative behavior if someone is venting or voicing some sort of concern. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are pointlessly complaining, which would be a negative situation. Instead, and actually more often than not, that person is just being very open and blunt about something that’s bothering them, and needs help addressing it and working through it. You shouldn’t always call those people negative—-rather, listen and try to help! (Especially if it involves you too.)

An extremely recent example is applicable here. There was some tension at work recently as we are going through a transitional phase and dealing with the onset of our busy season. That’s two pretty big storms colliding in my line of work and the outlook was not clear. Heck, I admit, I had been dreading even being anywhere near my building. It seemed like many people had things they wanted to say, clarify, vent, iron out, etc. but nobody could really pull the trigger on it. Then a somewhat impromptu meeting occurred and voila! Some gray area became clearer, roles were properly identified, and other issues were addressed. Almost instantly morale improved and so did production. This could all change at the drop of a hat of course, but for the here & now, there was a lighter mood and workflow improvement simply because things were COMMUNICATED!

Regardless of the form, verbal or written, communication is a vital, necessary tool to everything we do. Whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t always help to conceal your concerns.