What would you do if you woke up tomorrow to find all your plans for the next seven days have been cancelled and there is $10,000 on your dresser?

Well now, this would be quite the surprising situation for pretty much anyone. I suppose it’s all relative. Different people would do different things with that time and money. Hell, perhaps they could be like Lawrence’s cousin from the movie Office Space who “didn’t do shit,” money or not. For me, at this particular stage in my life and career, I would most likely do the boring, responsible thing and spend that whole week playing catch up: Errands, house work, etc. and possibly (hopefully) sleep too. Considering it’s been several years without what is considered to be a normal, restful, complete night’s sleep, I’d happily take that! Regarding the money, that’s easy: It goes to bills. Here would be a chance to get ahead of, or eliminate some of that never-shrinking pile of papers for which I work so hard to cover each month. It would be extremely difficult to squander such an opportunity. Gift horse…mouth…glance thither.

Of course, I could also just say “screw it,” take the money and time off and disappear on my first vacation in 11 years.