It’s a crisp Wednesday morning in late March, and my phone goes off a little after 7am. What I had hoped was a “good morning” text from a beautiful girl was actually a Twitter alert saying that the Chicago Bears had reached a 4-year deal with prolific pass rusher Jared Allen. It was a solid consolation after my romantic hopes were dashed. On the heels of arguably the worst defensive season in Bears history, and on the eve of a promising return to more encouraging times as a Bears fan, here’s 10 reasons why I think the signing of this superstar are good. In no particular order:

1. With now four free agent DE signings, adding Allen creates a deep, steady rotation on the edge. Highly encouraging.

2. Allen is still hungry, and has plenty of spark left.

3. This signing creates a lot more freedom and flexibility for the Bears in the coming Draft. Now they can focus on bringing youth into the mix.

4. Allen has averaged 14.5 sacks, with no fewer than 11 per season for the past 7 seasons. He gets to the QB.

5. He had 11.5 sacks last season. The entire Bears team had 31. Let that sink in for a second.

6. He has arguably the largest arsenal of moves off the line in the whole league and is extremely difficult to block.

7. He’s been to five Pro Bowls and selected 1st Team All-Pro four times.

8. He has the most sacks by any NFL player since 2004. He wants Bruce Smith’s sack record.

9. When not getting sacks, he remains in the top-10 annually in QB hurries. He’s very disruptive.

10. He adds an experienced, veteran, smart, angry, energetic presence to the locker room.

Bonus: He’s been known to sport a mullet and handlebars. This will go over well with fans.

Props to Bears GM Phil Emery for inking this deal. Very sly move too, as the general opinion was that Allen was all but gone to either Seattle or Dallas. Thumbs up, and BEAR DOWN!!!