Fairly often, I’m asked what a typical day is for me. The answer isn’t the easiest to come by, as my position as Assistant GM – Sales at a busy gym is rather dynamic, random, and not very streamlined. It’s difficult to narrow down what creates a purely typical day because my duties can, and often are, interrupted or changed on the fly. Multitasking is a must in my position, but nevertheless I will attempt here, for poop & cackles, to pin down a typical Tuesday for me.

6:05: 1st alarm. I need to prepare to get out of bed. Snooze.

6:18: 2nd alarm. It’s at this point I’m the most comfortable, and most sleepy. Of course just before I must get up. Snooze more.

6:47: 3rd alarm, coffee auto-timer kicks in, aroma fills the house. Snoo…oh crap. Up & at ’em!

7:15: Breakfast (1.5 cups of Oatmeal with a scoop of protien and peanut butter, mixed with almond milk, plus coffee, and my vitamins), turn on sports radio (670AM), check social media sites, the news, and personal emails.

7:45: Shower, gather workout clothes, pack gym bag and any food I prepped, and get all handsome for work.

8:45/9:00: Arrive at the gym.

9:15: Gather any messages/post-its from the night before, glance at sales book. (Gather required correspondence/paperwork and take to main office if it’s Thursday.)

9:30: Walk through gym, chat with morning members and staff.

9:45: Check previous day’s agreements and compare with sales book, check emails and paperwork.

10:30: Social media marketing, content creation, monitor and respond to customers/leads’ posts. 2nd breakfast (protein bar or shake, amino acids,) phone meeting with owner – sometimes this is a pleasant call.

12:00PM: Call prospects, handle any billing issues/questions from customers, return any calls in the log book.

1:00: Lunch, inventory, and errands for the gym if any, correspond with staff, members or any corporate partners depending on the event/project.

2:30: Cleaning/straightening up as needed, more phone work and emails, appointment booking.

3:00: More social media monitoring/posting, organize sales/leads/appt books, prepare main studio for evening classes, prepare Daycare room for evening session.

4:00: Prepare for post-work rush, assist with shift change as needed.

5:40: Mix up pre-workout, meeting with GM, planning for the next day(s).

6:15: Workout (Finally time for some fun!)

8:00: Head home, go through any lingering emails, cook dinner, relax & watch TV, set up coffee pot for the next morning.

10:30: Read for 20-30 mins, then try to sleep.

* As mentioned before, any and all of this can be interrupted at any time with walk-ins, TI’s (telephone inquiry), appointments or any other staff or member issues that arise. Still, this is about as typical of a day as I could describe in a somewhat atypical profession 🙂