It is generally accepted that each person should take at least one vacation per year. As I approach the eve of the 11th anniversary since my last vacation, I thought of a list of places I would eventually like to visit. And so, in no particular order…

1. Pittsburgh, PA – Not exactly a hot vacation destination, but being from Chicago I have an affinity with this blue-collar city. It’s got an old-school vibe that I find interesting and would enjoy a visit. I’d also love to catch a game at PNC Park, one of the finest stadiums in all of Major League baseball.

2. New England – Inspired by a trip my brother and his wife took to this area several years ago, I’d like to check it out for myself. I love the folkloric sea atmosphere of the region, and the seafood there seems top notch!

3. Washington, D.C. – For obvious reasons.

4. Sturgis, SD – Yep, for the famous rally. I don’t ride myself, but I do like motorcycles and the rally seems like a wild, fun time. I know some people who have attended in years’ past and their stories do not disappoint.

5. Dallas, TX – I wanted to visit at least one place in the south and Dallas Just seems like a cool city to visit.

6. San Diego, CA – I have some friends who have lived out there, and they loved it. That, combined with everyhing I’ve seen and read about this city makes it seem fairly paradisiacal. If I were to ever take a typical “beach” vacation, it would be here.

7. Ireland – I enjoy irish history, tradition and culture and would like to experience it firsthand. Plus, traditional irish cuisine has always been a favorite of mine, and from what I’m told you won’t find better ale or whiskey anywhere in the world 😉

8. Italy – Worth it for the food alone I’m told, and Rome is supposedly a surreal experience. My parents visited here a number of years ago and still rave about it. Their word is good enough for me. I’d love it, I’m sure.

9. Germany – Beer, food, history. Enough said.

10. England – I definitley would like to visit the Mother Country at some point. Lots of history and culture, interesting cuisine, beer and tea. I could enjoy myself here. My folks’ visited here as well and had a great time.

11. Romania – Home of Dracula! I wanted to include an eastern European country and Romania has always stood out. The landscape looks amazing and the food seems very rustic and unique. I’ve always been interested in the history and culture of this region as well.

Well there’s the short list. I guess I should try to start checking these off at some point 🙂