2014 is set to be a big year in the world of social media. Among the current hot trends is the concept of content marketing – creating or curating content that is engaging, shareable and relevant. One of the most effective ways to create that important content is through use of blogs. Twitter, Facebook and LinedIn can be useful tools to announce, and link to, that content, but the blog is a vital element. A successful blog can be a great traffic director to your site, as well as help improve SEO and serve as a detailed companion to other social sites. Not to mention the possibilities for both direct and indirect sales!

An excellent writeup a few months back on Socialmediatoday, found here, touches base on this. Pay attention to number three on this list. In that blurb, the importance of blogs is not only explained, but if you read between the lines you may also infer why so many companies don’t use blogs (yet.) Lots of small businesses believe that because they have a website, and/or an established social media platform, then a blog is not a necessary tool and thus often overlooked. They don’t always realize that a blog can be used to tie all social marketing together, and when used in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook can serve as a landing page and director to generate much traffic.

What is this all about, really? Content. In a world where social is evolving at breakneck speed, we must evolve with it. That evolution is currently driven by content marketing, in which blogging can be a highly valuable tool to any social strategy. So get writing!