It could be that the Spring is finally in the air, or that I’m just ready to blog about a random subject, or both, but regardless, it’s grilling season! For this writer, cooking out is always a fun time and evokes good memories with family and friends as well as providing a platform for new ones. Few things say Spring/Summer time than being outside with good people, having a few beers and letting the grillin’ do the talkin’. So for this post, at the onset of grilling season, here’s 3 quick & easy recipes you’re sure to love!

1. Atomic Buffalo Turds

Yep, you read that name correctly. Silliness aside, these guys are a FANTASTIC addition to any cookout. Whether as an appetizer or part of the main course, they are sure to please. Best part: They are so simple to make!


Fresh jalapenos, stuffing (any kind of meat or cheese, in this post we will focus on cheese), and bacon.


Slice the jalapenos lengh-wise from the stem to the tip. Pull it apart (but don’t break it!) and scoop out the seeds and membrane. (You can leave some seeds if you like extra heat.) Stuff the hollowed out portion with the cheese of your choice, then wrap the whole pepper with a slice of bacon. Hold it all together with a toothpick & toss those badboys on the grill. Once you see the bacon is cooled and the ends of th pepper start to char up somewhat, they’re done. ENJOY!

2. Giant Stuffed Burgers

These things are wonderful, and the best thing about them is their versatility. You can prepare them in virtually endless ways, shapes & sizes.


Fresh ground chuck (as fat/lean as you want), stuffing, and seasonings. For the stuffing, anything goes: Fresh vegetables, cheese, or even other meat!


Take a big handful of the ground chuck and form it into a patty like you would a normal burger. Once flat and pressed, layer it with whatever floats your boat. In this case, we will use a diced bell peppr (any color), and mushrooms. Layer the veggies on the patty, and then form another, bigger patty the same way. Cover one patty with the other, trapping the veggies inside. Add a little cheese to bind it all up if needed. Make sure you pinch the outside together so the burger doesn’t fall apart. Season it with kosher salt & pepper, and grill it up! Cook it as you normally would. The meat will act as an oven for the veggies inside, softening them up. (Note: If you want a spicy version, try stuffing them with hot giardninera. Marvelous!) Use a bun and condiments of your choice and chow down!

3.  Foil-wrapped, seasoned corn on the cob

This will bring about the classic debate over whether or not to grill the corn in the husk or not. Really it doesn’t matter as it’s great either way, but for this recipe I like to split the difference so to speak: Buy the corn in the husk, but take the cob out of the husk for grilling.


Fresh corn on the cob (in the husk), butter or whatever butter-type product you desire, cayenne pepper, garlic pepper.


Remove the cob from the husk and soak the corn in a pot of water with a little sugar added for about 30 mins or so. Remove the corn and place individually on a sheet of tin foil. Season liberally with the cayenne pepper and garlic pepper (a store-bought grinder is perfect, but if you want to make your own version that’s great too!) Put a dollop or two of butter on the corn and wrap tightly in the foil. Place on the top rack of your grill (or away from direct flame) and let it cook away. Once the foil wrap starts to darken and steam begins to escape, they’re done.

Hungry yet? Good. Now go get those grills fired up!