importance of content marketingDon’t let your sites languish in the doldrums.


When it comes to your business, or even your personal brand or portfolio, content is everything. (“No kidding!” is what you might be thinking right now.) But so is current, timely content. There is a fantastic article here by Forbes contributor Joshua Steimle that addresses what SEO firms do. This thorough piece got me thinking about the realization of the damage that can be caused if you allow your site(s) to remain stale and static, when fresh and dynamic is what you need. In an era where every business is racing to be part of those top search results, you can’t afford let your information and content sit idle.

Outdated content can mislead and misrepresent!

A recent example in my personal business is applicable here. While we were keeping our social media updated and monitored regularly, the website for my business was non-existant. Worse yet, it DID exist but it was outdated. Horribly outdated in fact, which is even worse than not having a site at all. Potential customers could find the site online, but they were then finding content that was nearly three years old! Talk about a horrible communication breakdown and completely misleading information. To add salt to that wound, we would recieve the occasional phone call from a prospect who was asking about something they read on the website, leaving the staff to have to embarrassingly explain that the content was outdated and was being re-designed.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Our main issue was that our partner company who maintains the websites, had gotten a new webmaster and several things, our site included (mainly our fault to be honest) fell by the wayside. Eventually, we got the site re-built and re-launched, utilized many SEO tactics, linked the new site everywhere via established social channels, created landing pages and cross-content and voila! Literally overnight hot, inbound leads were generated which soon were converted into paying customers. Here was a BIG platform for marketing that was not only under-utilized but it was misleading to prospects. Big, big mistake!

Keeping your content relevant is vital, but remember, so is keeping it updated and current. Don’t let your digital presence dissipate!