Does your business want to be on Page 1? Of course it does. No business or important individual (a doctor, lawyer or realtor for example,) would want to be on Page 2 or the dreaded abyss beyond. This is where SEO plays a pivotal role, but beware those SEO “experts” who gurantee results. There are no gurantees here.

SEO optimization is a lot like working out. You have a goal in mind, a reasonably clear path to get there, but there are numerous potential bumps in the road along the way. Getting to Point B might not be as cut and dry as you’d like to think. There is no “magic pill” for success with SEO, and any expert who claims they can gurantee results is akin to those fad diets our world is saturated with these days. It’s not an exact science, and what works for one may not work for another.

One thing is clear, as I have aluded to in previous posts, and that is Google LOVES fresh content. Whether it be constantly updated websites, blogs, videos, photos, etc. if Google is constantly indexing your content, your SEO will automatically improve. The catch is, your competition is doing it too. But don’t fret! Stay at it, stay active and keep producing regular, relevant content. If there is a key to SEO success, that may be it. Getting to Page 1, and more importantly, staying at the top of Page 1 if you aren’t already there, is not an easy hill to climb. But, just like a fitness goal (or any goal in general) you may have, nothing worth having is easily attained. It takes time, patience and dedication.

Happy Optimizing!