So your business does good on referrals and word of mouth? Congrats! It has an active social media presence? Cool. You have a nicely designed website? Good for you. It’s not mobile-friendly? Oh. You might wanna fix that…

Every business wants to be on Page 1, and have the best SEO possible, right? (If you answer no to this question, then your business may as well get a shovel and start digging it’s grave.) But what you may not know is that Google will actually penalize your site if it’s not mobile-optimized. Conversely, get that sucker mobile-friendly and be rewarded.

Like it or not, Google is, and has been, the big fish in the pond when it comes to online searches (amongst other things) and it’s website criteria is basically the universal barometer. Page rankings are based on indexes influenced by fresh content and the best possible user experience. To put it simply, Google loves that stuff! Do you know what enhances that user experience? Yep, mobility. Now more than ever, mobile traffic and searches are skyrocketing via mobile devices, and to not have a mobile-friendly website is damaging to say the least.

So do yourself and your business a favor and optimize your website for mobile…or get left in the dust.