As we near the end of 2014, I have been thinking of some things I’d like to see in the new year on social, mainly with regard to Facebook. Like any year, 2014 had it’s trends and while they are likely not going anywhere, and the following may come off as pet-peeveish, there’s a few little tweaks to the system that’d be nice to see:

1. Users need to understand what’s credible and what isn’t: My goodness, there has been an overload of shared news stories that people are all too quick to believe as legitimate when in fact, they are not. Here’s a tip: Look at the site the story originated from. If you’ve never heard of it, or if it sounds fishy, it probably is! There are more and more satirical (no doubt The Onion-inspired) sites publishing fake articles every day. These are for entertainment. Stop believing they are true!

2. People in relationships: Come on now. Please stop the endless posts praising your significant other, telling the world how happy you are “with your babe” or sharing those lists of “10 Things All Good Couples Do”, etc. when it’s an incontrovertible fact that one or both of you has been disloyal to the other. It’s a ridiculous aleviation of guilt on your part and an insult to the intelligence of anyone in the know who can see right through your faux projection of happiness. Carry on. (DISCLAIMER: This one is based on things I see almost daily from people I know, and I just have to shake my head.)

3. LinkedIn: Nothing major, though it would be nice if the user could craft a custom message from the People You May Know screen instead of having to go in their profile to connect with them. The first impulse when you see someone on the People You May Know screen is obviously to connect, but it automatically sends the generic connect request, which as we all know, is bad practice.

4. Facebook should do it’s own tbt (Throw Back Thursday): It’d be a refreshing thing wherein all the zillion posts that saturate our news feeds about kids, pets, weather, or sharing tragic news stories is disabled for a day. This in effect will make everyone’s news feed appear as they would’ve circa 2006.

5. Hashtags: Yes, they serve a purpose, even on Facebook. Please use them correctly.

6. All the fad diet/cleansing/livefree propaganda posts: Please. Just. Stop. There is no single magic pill for weight loss or getting in shape. Peddle your brainwashing wares elsewhere please and thank you.

Until next time 🙂