Taking a writing prompt from the blogging community, I’ve decided to throw out my Anti-Bucket List this morning. That’s right, things I never want to see or do. Quickly, to the list…away!

1. Take a cruise. No way in hell. I have a phobia of deep water, so to be surrounded by it, even (hopefully safely) floating on it, would be torture. Ships can sink, and there’s sharks and stuff.

2.. Attend a Jimmy Buffett concert. Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

3. Attend a Dave Matthews Band concert. See above. I’ve actually been offered some impressive incentives from friends to go to one of these shows (free tix, free beer, limo, etc.) and still denied it vehemently. Call me a purist, but I simply refuse to go to a concert of music I don’t enjoy.

4. Scuba dive. Even though I have a strange fascination about underwater scenery, I would be mortified to be immersed in it. That’s not the realm of humans down there.

5. Bungee jump. Yep, I’m terrified of heights so this is a no-no. Ironically I have considered skydiving though. That seems less frightening to me.

6. Mountain climb. I admire those who do this, but since I’m already afraid of heights, why would I ever want to willingly, and dangerously, go higher?

7. Witness a Cubs vs. White Sox World Series. On one hand, this would be amazing. On the other, I’d be scared my beloved city would destroy itself.

8. Live in a state where there are no seasons. Self-explanatory.

9. Be forced to listen to awful ukelele music while in the company of clowns. This would just suck, wouldn’t it?

Odd number for an odd post from this writer’s odd mind 😉 Until next time…