In today’s multi-channel world, it’s more important than ever to deliver your content across multiple platforms with consistency and creativity. The quick hit, “one message, one time” strategies of only running a simple newspaper or radio ad have gone by the wayside . Brands need to reach their audience, even when specifically targeted, in several ways. Looking at it that way, it’s not unlike attempting to date in 2014.


Yeah, I said it. The parallels are evident. Whereas you’re essentially imparting your personal brand, in a (hopefully) creative way, when trying to court a romatic interest, businesses are utilizing a similar strategy to market themselves. The message(s) itself remains the same, but the methods of delivery and platforms of implementation of that message need to be varied and consistent. Consumers are getting their information in multiple ways, and on multiiple devices so it is imperative for businesses to cover more than one. Running just one, one-channel message, “just to test it out,” as is the common retort, will accomplish very little, if anything. Lightning could strike for you, but by and large, branding takes time to grow organically. The message must be delivered, and re-delivered to the target in order for it to sink in and remain front of mind to the consumer.

We’ve all heard those farcical, romantic stories of how the guy got the girl, and the girl admits something to the effect of “he just kept bugging me and eventually (did/said whatever it was) to win me over.” In effect, this is an example of a successful branding campaign. The message was delivered creatively, consistently, in multiple ways, and to the right target.

Marketing your brand, and pursuing a romantic interest are rather synonomous in some ways. Where the individual tries to woo his or her interest in creative ways, so does a business have to court it’s target audience. Not just once, but many times.

DISCLAIMER: Like SEO, there is no real guarantee to ROI on branding. It’s aim is to generate awareness, deliver a message, establish credibility and get people in your door. What the business does from that point is up to them. Also I’m well aware of the irony, perhaps benightedness, for a perpetually single guy whos old-fashioned, traditional ways continually fail in the romantic world to offer his opinion on dating, but the aforementioned philisophy therein is sound.

Until next time…