Ah, December. Christmas time. Winter (for those of us in the Midwest.) Festivities. Year’s end. Trying to cram more than 24 hours into a single day. Stress. Chaos. It’s all part of this magical season of winning and losing. Here are a few greatest hits from the past couple weeks:

Dec 10: Particiapted in the largest single-day revenue generation in my company’s 160-plus year history. Big celebration at the Beer House. WIN.

Dec 11: Celebration continues at the office with pizza, beer, wine and junk food. Boss says “drink up.” WIN.

Dec 12: Arrived at work to a massive, elaborate, high-quality catered breakfast buffet for the entire building. WIN.

Dec 13: My alma mater, Illinois State University, defeates Eastern Washington in the quarterfinals of the NCAA FCS playoffs to advance to the semifinals for the first time since 1999. BIG WIN.

Dec 14: Picked up some pricelessly funny and awful vinyl for this year’s Bad Vinyl Exchange that myself, my brother, and cousin participate in every year. It’s a long-running game of who can find the best/worst/cheesiest old records as gifts. I think I did exceptionally well this year. WIN.

Dec 17: I send flowers, rather not cheap flowers mind you, and unbeknownst to me her favorite flower, which I guessed at based off a reaction from a picture a month prior on a birthday card (pats self on the back), across the country to a friend’s work as a gift because she’s not coming home for Christmas and well, there’s feelings there. Got the flattered thank you (in hindsight a token thank you?) initially, followed by the complete and total silent treatment which still remains. Kinda crappy actually. She problably threw them away. Talk about a backfire. BIG FAIL.

Dec 20: Illinois State defeats New Hampshire in a heroic 4th quarter comeback to earn a spot in the National Championship game against fellow Missouri Valley Football Conference foe and 3-time defending national champion, North Dakota State. Because of the rotating schedule in the MVFC due to an odd number of teams, these two did not meet during the regular season, so in poetic fashion, they’ll square off for the whole damn thing on Jan 10. Very proud alum here. BIG WIN.

Dec 21: The Chicago Bears are set to kickoff in just over an hour vs. Detroit. The whole season has been a disaster in every sense of the word. BIG FAIL. 

Can’t wait to see what the rest of this up and down month has in store. Merry Christmas all!