Normally I’m a little bummed at the end of every NFL season. Each July, I get so excited and amped up that football is about to return, and then every January it bugs me when it’s over. Not this year. As my beloved Chicago Bears are about to kick off in their last game of this abysmal 2014 season, the coming change in the regime can’t happen soon enough.

Needless to say, the Experiment failed. Miserably. That is, the mission of current Bears GM Phil Emery to provide offensive weapons and then in hiring Marc “The Quarterback Whisperer” Trestman to try and straighten up quaterback Jay Cutler’s game and lead this team forward. After a promising innaugural campaign in 2013, expectations were sky high headng into this season. Then the bed was crapped. The story: Underachievment to the nth degree. Both the front office & coaches’ performance and Jay Cutler’s issues are nearly synonomous. They could be great, but aren’t. I have no doubt Trestman is very smart, but being a successful head coach in the CFL does not translate to the NFL, and there’s more to being a head coach than X’s and O’s. Similarly, Jay Cutler has every quality you’d want in a pro quarterback, except for what’s between the ears. He could be fantastic, and has shown that ability, but with minimal consistency. When you consider he’s surrounded by the best WR duo in the league in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey, an excellent TE in Marty Bennett and the 3rd best RB in Chicago Bears history in Matt Forte, not to mention finally having a solid offensive line, there’s simply no more excuses. Cutler just hasn’t got it done. Neither has Trestman. Neither has Emery.

For Chicago football fans, the line has been drawn.

This is a Bears town. Always has been, always will be. While the Bulls, Blackhawks and White Sox (and hopefully very soon, the Cubs) have enjoyed much success in the past 30 years, the Bears really have not. For a flagship organization of the NFL, in a major market, with a ton of history and tradition, what has become of this team is simply unacceptable. In just a few short hours, we will see the start of the changes in at attempt to turn this organization around. Let’s hope they are the right ones. Every major team in town has made ballsy, aggressive organizational moves in recent times to turn their franchises around. It’s time for the Bears to do the same.

The 2015 outlook for the other Chicago teams, for comparison sake, in simplest terms:

Bulls: Derrick Rose is quickly coming back to form and the influx of Pao Gasol and Nikola Mirotic joining the steadfast Joakim Noah have been key early in the season for this team. Oh, and Jimmy Butler is pretty good at basketball too. This group is exciting.

Blackhawks: Depth, speed, defense, creativity…this team has it all. They were oh so close last year, losing in Game 7 of the Western Conference Final ending the quest for what would’ve been their 3rd Stanley Cup Final appearance in 5 years. Now the Unfinished Business Tour ’15 is in full sway, and the boys are set up for another deep playoff run.

Cubs/White Sox: I grouped both of them together here because each team has made equally aggressive offseason moves and there is a lot of hype and enthusiasm from both team’s fans heading into the season. Baseball is about to be really fun again on both sides of town.