Cast your mind for a moment: You’re a business owner or manager. You have an audience you want to reach. You know who they are, where they are, and what they may want. Why then, would you not want to put your message directly in front of them?

I don’t know either. Here’s the 101…

Targeted advertising, (aka retargeting, remarketing or any other name you may have heard) is certainly not a new concept. But it is a highly effective one. It’s measurable, direct, powerful, and worth your investment. Other types of advertising (print, TV/radio, or heaven forbid, direct mail) are still relevant but you really can’t be sure of whether those seeing your message is who you want, and it’s not nearly as measurable on either your ROI or engagement. Retargeting however, is. With virtually no wasted impressions, your businesses’ message appears to those who have been on your website (site retargeting), Google’d your product/service (search retargeting) or read an article or post of related content (contextual retargeting.) In short, your ad is displayed directly in front of potential customers who are already looking for you, or something you offer. Again, why would you not want to utilize this?

Last year, targeted display advertising accounted for a large chunk of national and global digital marketing spend. That number is slated to increase manyfold over the next few years. Along with the ever-increasing mobile boom, targeted ads will continue to skyrocket.

Here are 3 big reasons why businesses can benefit from retargeting:

1. It’s multiscreen: The customer journey goes across more than one screen nowadays. Initial research may begin on a smartphone for example, but the purchase may happen on a laptop/desktop. From geotargeted mobile & in-app ads, to search/site/contextual ads served via pinpoint criteria including geography or even age & gender, your message appears on multiple devices.

2. They’re already looking: Your potential customers that is. Putting your ads in front of them when they are already searching for you is like answering their questions while, or even before, they ask. It also keeps you and your business top of mind to them as they flow through their purchasing process.

3. It’s a weapon: If you aren’t targeting your own customers, you can bet your competitors are. Why not fight back? Part of the above mentioned criteria in which the targeted ads are served (particularly search/site) are based on keywords. There is a possibility your competition is using your business name as a keyword to target your audience! But fear not, you can do the same. Stay in front of your own audience, don’t let the competition cut you off.

You have an audience. They are looking for you. Make sure you’re found by them.