Greetings folks! Listmania continues on this sunny Saturday morning with a new entry: Anti-Valentine’s Day Tunes. It’s no secret that I’ve never been fond of this fake holiday (it’s nowhere near as lame as Sweetest Day, but it’s up there) and so, with this cute & fuzzy day a week out, I figure it’s time to honor the occasion with some of my favorite non-cute & fuzzy songs that are quite relevant to good ‘ol Cupid’s theme. Out with the sap, in with the cold, hard steel. Away we go…

1. NazarethHair of the Dog. The 70s rock band brought us a lot more than cheesy songs like Love Hurts and Holiday. This scornful gem is one harsh FU song about that one girl everyone knows.

2. Queensryche I Don’t Believe In Love. Brilliant song from an even more brilliant album.

3. Rainbow Stone Cold. Joe Lynn Turner’s legendary vocals and deep lyrics set the stage for this tragic tale of one cold-hearted gal. We all know this chick, too. Shes the mysterious self-centered one who just abruptly & needlessly shuts down after you sweetly, innocently and unknowingly send her her favorite flowers just to be nice. Ouch.

4. Rainbow Since You’ve Been Gone. Same band, different vocalist and same book, different chapter. This 1979 gem features Graham Bonnett telling us his story of yet another heartless brat.

5. Lion Love Is A Lie. Fairly well-known in some circles as the song that Jimbo (brilliantly played by Crispin Glover) busts out his mysterious dance moves to in Friday the 13th Part IV, the snippet in the film does this song no justice. It’s epic, and Kal Swan’s vocals deliver a powerful message.

6. J. Geils Band Love Stinks. Couldn’t forget this classic now could I? No way.

7. CinderellaNobody’s Fool. Not just one of the best power ballads of the 80s. It’s also rather poignant and dark.

8. Dokken Til the Livin’ End. Ziiingggg! Don, Jeff, George & Mick sure conjure up a middle finger from hell here. Great song!

9. Foreigner Head Games. Ah, games…the one thing women do, even if they claim not to. Not saying men don’t, but let’s face it, in women it’s almost genetically inherent. This tune is about ending that charade.

10. StillwaterLove Comes and Goes. Yep, the fictional band from Almost Famous kicks in here with this diamond in the rough. A tiny clip of this song is in the movie but the full length version was available on the Stillwater EP that came with the Special Edition DVD. It’s a damn fine song and makes a great point.

Honorable mentions

Guns & Roses – Used To Love Her, Foreigner – Cold As Ice, Judas Priest – Victim of Changes, RATT – Never Use Love, Tygers of Pan Tang – Mirror, Mirror, Def Leppard – Bringin On the Heartbreak, Black Sabbath – Evil Woman, SAXON – Devil Rides Out.

DISCLAIMER: All the above was just for fun so lighten up, Francis 🙂