While not nearly as bad as the alarming amount of engagement and sheer gullibility people continue to show for the myriad of satirical news stories that pop up every day, there is another wacky trend on social these days: Those “signs…” posts. Not the legitimate ones of course, such as those dealing with physiological, medical, or otherwise scientific subjects. But you know the ones I mean: Those that are blanketing social media, posted ad nauseam and dripping with sap and silliness. We’ve all seen them. 10 (or sometimes fewer) Signs That…

…You’ve Found Your Soulmate.

…You’re In the Perfect Relationship.

…You’re A Certain Hair Color.

…You’ve Met THE One.

…You’re Right Where You Need To Be.

…You’re Left-Handed.

…You’re Wondering Why Decaf Coffee Pots Are Orange.

…You Will Be Sainted.

etc, etc, etc…

I don’t have 10 reasons that this social media movement should ease up, I just have one: The vast majority of it is untrue, contrived, overwrought, nonsensical, and rhetorical drivel that is pretty far from reality and it kind of makes the user look like a jackass for eating it all up.

There’s a fine line between relevant and trendy content curating. Sometimes it’s best to wander off the beaten path…just a bit.