When you examine some of the biggest trends we’ve seen in the marketing/advertising world in the past few years, and where it’s trending in 2015 and beyond, it becomes clear that now is the time to embrace digital like never before (I hope you’re thinking, “duh!”) That’s not to say print doesn’t have it’s place. It does, and can and should be an important part of any marketing strategy, especially at the local level. But consider the following:

– Video is exploding again in ways not seen since the introduction of Cable TV, VHS, and later DVD.

– Targeted Display and mobile Geo-fencing are being utilized as the most potent, audience-specific, and trackable forms of advertising there is, and rightfully so.

– Native advertising (Sponsored Content) is a perfect marriage of a brand’s message and a media or publishing company’s reach.

– Mobile, mobile, mobile! A business’s audience is here. Desktops are antiquated. Tablet and mobile are where the web traffic is coming from these days. Mobile web and in-app ads are a powerful platform to deliver your business’s message, create awareness for your brand and drive traffic to your site.

Google still, and perhaps always will, love fresh content. Updated and responsive websites, blogs, constant posting to social, video, and optimized business listings are just some of the more powerful ways to improve SEO and be found when and where you want, and need, to be.

These are just some of the current heavy hitting strategies of the marketing world. Would it shock you to learn that through the recent recession, businesses who consistently marketed reported a 256% growth over their competition? It shouldn’t. Now, more than ever, businesses and brands can find and connect with their customers in more definitive ways than ever before. As such, marketing has become more specifically targeted, deliverable, trackable and measurable than it ever has been. Take advantage.

Kevin is a Digital Marketing Specialist in the Chicago area. Twitter @ktredbirds, Web: http://www.shawmediadigital.com