Mobilegeddon may be a slang term in the marketing world, but it’s nonetheless very real. It is fast approaching, and on the 21st of April, it arrives. Will your business be ready?

On April 21, Google will roll out it’s latest, and most significant search algorithm to date. This time around, the emphasis is on mobile. With this new platform, mobile-friendly sites will be rewarded with a more prominent search ranking while sites that are not mobile-optimized will be penalized in search results. Considering the decline in your web traffic this will cause, the damage to your SEO becomes apparent. Simply put, if a potential customer cannot find your business in search, they likely won’t be spending any money with you, either. Businesses without a mobile-optimized site will be taking the very real risk of falling significantly in search results, thus lessening web traffic and, likely, revenue.

Search-heavy categories such as retail and service-based businesses stand to be the most notably impacted by this. If a customer is searching for a specific service (medical, legal, financial, home improvement, etc.), or maybe even just looking to order a pizza, and they cannot find you…well, the potential harm is clear. When customers are looking, you want to be found. If they can’t find you, they will find your competitors, who have moved a step ahead of you with a mobile site.

The good news is, the fix is simple! If your website is not mobile-optimized, it would be in your businesses best interest to do so before April 21st. If it already is, then congratulations! You have survived Mobilegeddon.

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