In the wake of the economic recession just a handful of years ago, people have become more frugal than ever, always looking for a deal, sale, incentive, or other reason to checkout or return to, a business. From the ashes of this movement rose the Groupons, Living Socials, Amazonlocals and more recently, Localflavors of the world. But what if through a similar platform your business not only attracted the attention of your local audience with unlimited potential for repeat and referral business but also had the full support of your trusted local news outlet too?

One of the many negatives reported about the aforementioned deals platforms is that the businesses did not attract the audience they wanted, or were satisfied with the program itself. But if you could simply trade vouchers for your business in exchange for locally-focused, audience-specific, multi-channel (print, digital, email) advertising, with no up-front cost, you’d likely be interested wouldn’t you? Of course you would. So what’s the catch you may ask?

None. Some local news agencies will work with businesses to support their advertising efforts, incentivize their new and existing customers, drive foot traffic into their business, and increase brand awareness. If you’re in the dining, entertainment, service or fitness industries in particular, this type of multi-channel marketing program may be for you.

Kevin is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a Chicago area agency.

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