“Nobody emails anymore.”

“Email was replaced by Instant Messaging and Texting.”

Have you heard something like this before? Chances are you have. But what you may not realize, is that email can be one of the best and most direct ways your business can reach your target consumer.

There are several ways to get your content to your exact audience, and an e-blast should be one of them. In addition to (or even in place of) the email lists your company may have on hand, external providers can generate far greater amounts of active email accounts to send to, reaching a precise audience that is a much more cost-friendly and strategically better alternative to direct mail. Similar to targeted display ads (retargeting), email can be tailored right down to a very specific audience based on geography, interest level, website activity, and even age and gender.

Case study time.

Here is a good example of the power of a targeted e-blast my company recently worked on: A local all-boys private High School wanted to advertise for it’s entrance exam. With specific target geography and demographics in hand, we were able to deliver over 50,000 emails in a fairly short radius around the school only to households with 8th-Grade male students. The results were very high open and click rates, and an extremely well-attended entrance exam. Campaign: Success!

That is just one way of how a targeted email campaign can benefit your business. Email has been around a long time, but it’s far from an antiquated practice. When utilized properly, it’s an excellent way to deliver your company’s message, brand image, promotion or sale to the exact audience you’re looking for. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Kevin is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a Chicago-area agency. Twiter: @ktredbirds Web: http://www.shawmediadigital.com