In case you haven’t considered using video for your business, you should. Simple as that. Video is a tool that pleases the Google Content Gods, and as such, can be a great SEO play for your brand.

Not only does video appeal to the ever-growing mass of visual-learning audiences, it’s a great content source. This makes Google’s content-seeking crawlers happy, and adding your video to the world’s second-most used search engine, aka YouTube, should be a no-brainer for the potential reach therein. Not to mention, video is an excellent tool for creating social media engagement, thus getting lots of eyes and ears on your visual story. Speaking of social media, consider this: In a move to compete directly with Facebook, Twitter will soon deploy an autoplay video feature, which can load your brand’s video directly in-stream. How cool is that? When you consider that Google now shows Tweets in search results, having video constantly tweeted out has obvious SEO benefits. This autoplay feature could also do wonders for native advertisers, as sponsored content stories published by a local news source that have a video component will take on a whole new direct appeal to audiences.

So if you haven’t looked at adding a video element to your brand’s marketing strategy, you should. The SEO and social media engagement benefits are a dynamic, potent tactic that should not be overlooked.

Kevin is an award-winning Digital Marketing Specialist with a Chicago-area agency. Twitter: @ktredbirds. Web: