The fact that Google loves fresh content is nothing new. The fact that video is a huge content driver is nothing new either. The fact that Google now allows tweets to show up in search results is sorta new, so what would happen if all three facts were combined? A potentially significant game changer for advertisers’ SEO, that’s what.

Very soon, Twitter will roll out autoplay video, allowing either a six-second preview loop or the full-video live in-stream. This is a tactic that, while on the surface, is set to compete directly with Facebook, but scratch that surface and you’ll see the obvious SEO benefits for advertisers, especially those who utilize native.

When an advertiser not only posts their video to their website and social media, but then their partnered media outlet tweets their video on their behalf, what you’ll have is a double-whammy of branded content spanning multiple audiences. This in turn, should be a great SEO play for that business.

In a nutshell, this new phase is as good of a reason as ever for businesses to not only embrace video, but to also closely look at native advertising and of course, Twitter.

Kevin is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a Chicago area agency.

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