Last October, I wrote a piece about why October is my favorite month of the year. Here, I will expand upon that a bit, with my top 15 reasons why Autumn is, well, awesome. Read on, friends…

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  1. The Weather. It’s seriously perfect. We can have the comfortable warmth of Spring during the day, and cool, crisp, chill at night. We can turn off the AC and open up the windows, and it’s ideal. Even on drizzly days, it’s still better than blistering heat, or freezing snow isn’t it?
  2. The Colors. Now come on, who doesn’t like the serene beauty of Autumn? Nobody in their right mind that’s who.
  3. Football, Hockey & MLB Playoffs. With college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays and Thursday & Monday Night, it’s always great when Football returns. Whether at the bar with friends or curled up on the couch all day in PJ’s, lazy football Sundays are the best. Hockey also returns in October, and there’s nothing not to like about that. Along with the baseball playoffs, October is the greatest month of the year for pro sports.
  4. New seasons of TV. Many people have their favorite shows, and here’s where they return. Awesome.
  5. Fall clothes. Time to pack away the shorts & t-shirts and bust out the jeans, boots and long sleeves. And everyone loves a good hoodie.
  6. Pumpin-flavored everything. This is one of the best seasonal delicacies there is.
  7. Comfort Food. No other season has such a solid grasp on it’s flavor profile than Fall. A good roast in the crock pot, or a big cauldron of soup or stew…these things wouldn’t be so great in the heat of August but they are a welcome reward for the taste buds in October.
  8. Horror Movies. Any time is a good time for a good horror flick but let’s be honest: They take on a whole new feel during Autumn, and it makes them seem more atmospheric and more enjoyable.
  9. Reading. It’s a great way to spend your spare time any time of year but there’s just something quite relaxing about lounging with a good book on a chilly Fall day with your favorite cup of tea.
  10. Pie. Another seasonal plus here. Enjoy a fresh, warm apple or peach pie in the Summer. Then try it in the Fall and tell me when it’s better…
  11. Halloween. The best holiday ever. Loved it as a kid, admittedly went through the “I’m too cool for this” phase in my teens, but really fell back in love with it since. It’s got charms and traditions that no other holiday has, and it’s little quirks just make it great. Delve into the actual history of the holiday, and a very sinister, spooky element is learned.
  12. Crunching leaves. Ok, this is silly I know but walking over dead leaves makes a cool sound and it’s still cool to kick around a leaf pile. I don’t know why, but it is.
  13. Pumpkin Farms/Haunted Houses. Two classic Fall attractions here. Like ‘ol Sheriff Bracket used to say, “…we’re all entitled to one good scare.” Going to the local pumpkin farm is innocent fun, while the haunted house is an adrenaline injection to the soul.
  14. Gain an hour of sleep. Now this is awesome on many levels, not the least of which Fall gives us the best sleep weather, so it’s great to have an extra hour of it every night.
  15. Walking/Hiking. Certainly this is a great thing to do any time, but during Fall it takes on a whole new element with the scenery, colors, atmosphere and ideal weather. We all need a good, long walk now and then, but doing so this time of year you can, and should, really take time to look around and enjoy it. Breathe it all in, because Fall sadly goes away too quickly.

Happy Fall 🙂