Relationships. They make the world go ’round. Or something like that. But we all know how crucial they are to anything in life, or business. When it comes to advertising, the agency/client relationship must be at the forefront of any campaign. A solid, cohesive relationship that is built upon trust and mutual respect can go an awful long way in establishing, delivering, and maintaining a successful project. Here are 5 keys to consider:

1. Set realistic expectations , then manage them. 

One of the biggest keys to account/project management is to help the client understand what the goals of the campaign are, how they are to be achieved, and what is expected of both parties. But be realistic about it! You don’t want to allow the client to prepare to drive off with a Porsche if they only bought a Ford.

2. Be careful who you work with.

Sure it might sound like an obvious, easy thing to work with your friends. But sometimes that can be a detriment. When a personal relationship exists prior to working on a campaign, feelings, ideals and personal shorthand can get in the way of the work. The feedback, questions and participation from the client can take on an unprofessional/too personal tone which can affect the project(s.) This doesn’t happen every time, but just be aware of the possibility.

3. Under-promise/Over-deliver.

This should basically be the battle cry of any campaign, particularly when it comes to customer service. If you always give more than what the client expects, the result is often much more than just a little good will feeling. Continuing to go the extra mile for people is important on many levels.

4. Be transparent.

This is especially important when it comes to any type of analytics. Show the work you’re doing and how it’s performing. Let the client be involved with each aspect, and strategy moving forward. Let the numbers do the talking.

5. Be creative.

If you’re not constantly bringing new ideas to clients, then you’re already behind. The ‘ol tried & true methods are all well and good, but can become stagnant and boring. Let the evolution of an idea happen. Innovation can be very beneficial for both parties. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Kevin is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a Chicago-area agency. Twitter: ktredbirds Web: