You’ve seen it, and probably a few too many times, by now. Geico’s now famous Peter Pan commercial. This ad has sparked a myriad of opinions from people, ranging from good and humorous to annoyed and angry. The fact that this scope of engagement has been generated however, may make this a perfect ad…or close to it anyway. Let’s examine why.

It’s a unique take on a famous character

New isn’t always good, and perhaps not in this case either. But new is almost always different, and with this ad, there is an interesting, coarse spin on the iconic Peter Pan. It’s noticeable.

It fits

Considering Geico’s long running “It’s What We Do” campaign, this ad has a nice marriage to that slogan, albeit again, a unique one.

You’re impressed

Love it or hate it, Geico wanted to make sure the impressions would be, well, impressive. Going by how often the commercial is seen, and the fact that people all over the country are talking about it, posting about it, and now creating memes about it, there can be little doubt that the mega media spend the brand invested in, has payed off. Everyone knows this ad. The brand believed in the creative, and rightfully so.

The kid can act

Whoever was tapped to portray the annoying little goofball, did a damn good job to generate this level of disdain among the viewers. Seemingly everyone has an opinion about the ad, particularly toward Mr. Pan. To make an audience feel that strongly, is a sign of a good script and a strong performance.

No ad is truly perfect, but you gotta hand it to Geico and their agency for coming awfully close.