Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” thrown around a time or two. But what can that mean for businesses? Especially where potential customers are concerned?

In short, a lot.


The customer’s buying journey continues to evolve, almost regardless of the product/service, and as such, it’s more important than ever for a business to provide expert, informative, educational content that can drive customer engagement and lead to sales.

This strategy is particularly useful for service-based businesses, or any vertical in which the customers research heavily before making a purchase. Then, by way of the produced content, the business positions itself as the expert and the one the customer wants to ultimately buy from. Unlike traditional ads however, native advertising (aka sponsored content, or content marketing) centers around text, video and photos that aren’t always directly about the business itself, but rather something the business can educate the audience on. A chiropractor for example may sponsor an article in a local news outlet about the signs you might have sciatica. A financial company may produce articles or video about advice on retirement. A cosmetology school may want to educate on the great new hairstyles of the season, and so on. It’s a soft-sell for the business, but it’s engaging content, especially at the local level, that is of interest to potential customers.

Whether it’s self-produced, or in collaboration with a media agency or news outlet, content marketing is a great way to reach an audience with material that interests them, thus making the business look like the King (or Queen.)

Kevin is an award-winning Digial Marketing Specialist in the Chicago area. Twitter: @ktredbirds