2016 will end in two days. Wow, where did that year go? As such, it’s time to prognosticate on what may occur in the digital world next year.


  1. Mobile apps will become more widely utilized by businesses and brands: Now that Google is indexing apps, we may see an increase in app rollout in all verticals for the SEO perk. The more visibility a business can have on Google, the better, and many users see apps as an extension of a website, provided it has a good UX and incentives.
  2. Live video streaming will begin to explode: While Periscope and Meerkat set the stage, social media platforms have raised the bar on live streaming. Expect this to continue.
  3. Augmented Reality will normalize: Pokemon Go was just the start. When marketers realize the revenue streams that could be tapped with a successful AR project, more and more of these programs will surface.
  4. Alexa/Google Home will affect search: In yet another example of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s cool toys that have actually become real, people can literally talk to their computers at home. Search, shop, play music, and many other functions are already available on these voice-activated devices. What started with Siri now continues in this new gadget(s). This could continue to rise and enter into the B2B realm as well.
  5. Fake news stories will dissipate: Let’s hope. Let’s really hope. I mean, it’s ridiculous. It was ridiculous a number of years ago but 2016 really saw an explosion of satirical, untrue stories that unfortunately got tons of engagement and impressions on social media. This points to the fault of gullibility of humans. Here’s a tip: Before you engage with that attractive headline, just look at the link the story came from. If it looks strange, or if it’s a site you’ve never heard of, it is extremely likely it’s not legitimate. Trust your gut here, not your eyes.

Again, these are just guesses. But the presence of these elements certainly make for what could be a compelling 2017 in the digital realm.

Happy New Year!

Kevin is a Digital Project Manager in the Chicago area. Twitter: @ktredbirds